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Tools of the trade!

Saturday, February 20, 2016


One of the most frequently asked questions I get asked as a makeup artist is, "What products do you use on your celebrity clients" and, "What techniques do you use to achieve these looks?".


Without downplaying the significance of quality products and years of fine-tuning my application skills, today I want to stress how important it is to have the proper tools for the job...specifically BRUSHES!!!


You can have the most expensive high-end makeup in the world but without quality brushes it’s almost impossible to achieve a polished makeup look. It’s very important to invest in the right brushes while continuing to practice your makeup aesthetic. I just don’t feel like brushes get enough credit these days!! Your brushes need to be your babies. Treat them like your magic wands!! ;)


Some of my FAVORITE brushes are from MorpheBrushesSaymeand Mac Cosmetics. I personally own brushes from all of these brands and use them for makeup applications on myself as well as my clients. I recommend you try them out and find what works best for you and your needs. 


Brushes can be expensive depending on what brand you purchase. If you want to buy a handful of brushes but don’t want to spend a ton of many I would suggest checking out Morphe Brushes. They sell every single brush you could ever dream of at a very affordable price. Morphe brushes are great for beginners to the pro makeup artists. Its never a bad idea to buy a TON of blending brushes/ eyeliner brushes from Morphe because blending and winged eyeliner are two very important elements for a makeup artist to master! While these are the least expensive of the three brands I recommended I can vouch for the quality and you can buy an entire brush set for only $40-$50 bucks. That’s a steal!!!


The softest brushes that I have every felt are by Sayme! The fibers are a mixture of synthetic and natural hair. You honestly have to feel it to believe it yourself!! The price point of Sayme ranges from $20-$60. I will say it is worth every penny!! I’m personally obsessed with the tapered powder brush, duo fiber flat brush and the angles poweder brush. When it comes to skin I cant live without my Sayme brushes! I love the way these brushes glide across my face feeling so soft and smooth. It makes the application not only effortless but flawless at the same time.

For a discount on Sayme brushes use my code ASHLEY at checkout!


The bulk of my brushes are from MAC Cosmetics mostly because I worked there for six years and was able to accumulate a ridiculous collection. MAC’S Brushes are mainly natural fibers with some synthetic brushes as well. The quality of these brushes is insane!! I have had some of my MAC brushes for 8 years and going strong. If you wash and care for your brushes properly they will last you. You should treat your brushes how you treat your hair. It sounds silly but its only true! The cost of these brushes range from $20-$50. While MAC is probably the most expensive of the three brands I feel like the quality make and durability of these brushes speaks for itself.  Some think of it as an investment. You need to invest in quality brushes to create a makeup master piece!! For me the holy grail of brushes come from MAC Cosmetics since they last forever and I’ve had so much experience using them.




Scrub a dub dub!!!


Now that you know the ins-and-outs of my three favorite brush lines we can chat about what I use to clean my brushes with. When I’m in the middle of doing my makeup or between clients I need a cleaner that will disinfect the brush and dry instantly! My go-to cleanser for that is by Cinema Secrets. The bottle is clear and the formula is bright blue. I poor mine into a small spray bottle to preserve the cleaner so I don't use so much at one time.  This brush cleaner comes in small size bottles to large ranging from $6-$25.


If you are a makeup artist like me you are constantly deep cleaning your brushes on a daily basis to stay sanitary. Since I work on so many clients daily, the struggle is real when it comes to washing my babies. I feel like I clean my brushes so much my hands are on autopilot and I don’t event know I’m doing it anymore. LOL! Now for some this may sound crazy but when I have time to let my babies sit out and air-dry my favorite way to disinfect my brushes is to use a dishwashing soap. Dishwashing soap is gentle enough not to damage the fibers and powerful enough to get rid of the makeup and natural oils trapped on the brush hairs. For those of you wondering which brand I use.. It’s Palmolive. 😜 Now if you aren’t a makeup artist I would suggest using a basic shampoo once a week or once every two weeks to keep your brushes clean.  Shampooing your brushes also help preventing breakouts. Anytime I see a pimple on my face I immediately wash my personal brushes. If you feel like your brushes just aren’t the same anymore and the texture is stiff and scratchy try cleaning them with a basic conditioner. Every once in awhile I’ll use conditioner to make my brushes feel softer and I have to say its life changing!!!


I hope you guys enjoyed this post!! Please let me know what you would like me to blog about next!! XOXO